Dry Erase Monthly Wall Calendar – FAQ

The Most Common Questions for our Dry Erase Monthly Wall Calendar 

Monthly Calendar Planner


  • What is the size of the dry erase monthly wall calendar?
    • It is 2×3 feet or 24×36 inches (height x length).

  • What type of material is the dry erase calendar made from?
    • We use premium PET lamination which is the best laminate currently in the market. It is guaranteed to erase and is much more durable than other cheap laminates out there. This type of lamination was just recently developed (2017) and is more expensive to produce.Therefore, very few of our competitors use it giving us a distinct advantage in the market.

  • Will it erase after 1 month of ink being left on?
    • Yes, that is why we chose to use the highest quality lamination on the market. Unlike most of our competitors, our dry erase wall calendar easily be reused every month for years to come!

  • How to clean stubborn spots?
    • It is natural for some dry-erase ink to stick to the board especially in warmer temperatures and the longer it is left on. Simply rewrite over the spot with a fresh dry erase marker and it should wipe off with ease.

  • Can you use any markers?
    • Yes, our material works with any wet or dry erase marker! Whenever the ink runs out you can easily buy any other brand

  • What is the difference between wet-erase and dry-erase markers?
    • Without going into the chemical details, wet erase markers are semi-permanent because they use a paste rather than an alcohol-based ink like dry erase markers. Therefore, wet erase markings can only be removed with a damp tissue or cloth. Whereas, Dry erase markers simple erase with a whiteboard eraser. Generally wet erase markers are best to be used with boards that feature illumination or projector lamps. And dry erase markers are more widely used for your standard whiteboard material.

  • What happens if I use permanent marker? / additional cleaning methods
    • If you accidentally use a permanent marker don’t worry our material can withstand it. Just be sure to clean it as soon as possible to avoid the ink from staining it. In this case, you may need to use a more thorough cleaning option such as a whiteboard cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol, or try writing on top of the permanent ink with a dry-erase marker and it will sometimes come off.

  • What accessories does it come with?
    • Each calendar comes with everything you need to get started. This includes 3 dry-erase markers (black, blue, red) and 1 eraser. Plus, it comes with a tack set, grommets on each corner, and 3M adhesive stickers so that you can choose how you want to mount your wall calendar.

  • How to mount on the wall?
    • As mentioned you can choose between using the included tacks to securely pin it to your wall or using the included 3M adhesive stickers to easily stick and remove when needed. However, you will need to buy more adhesive stickers if you decide to remove and remount again.

  • Is it folded during shipping?
    • No! we want your calendar to arrive without any creases or folds. Thus, each calendar is rolled in a protective tube package. Once your calendar arrives we recommend laying it out flat for one night to ensure it hangs on your wall completely flat.

  • What is the size of the package?
    • The cardboard tube package is 15 x 3.15 x 25.6 inches (Length x Width x Height)

  • Who is OrganizedCo?
    • We are a small family company that just started selling on Amazon.com. Our goal is to help you Organize, Optimize, and Achieve your goals. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new tools and ways to organize your home, office, and life! 🙂

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