Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Monthly Calendar Planner

Premium Dry Erase Calendar - Goal Setting Wall Planner

Dry Erase Wall Calendar
Monthly Calendar Planner

Why our Monthly Calendar Planner is the Best in the Market:

  •  The Optimal Layout – Purposefully-designed for Goal Setting and Scheduling. This dry erase calendar will help you plan and organize your upcoming schedule all while staying laser-focused on your goals!
  • Premium Quality – We use a high-quality, stain-proof, poster lamination sheet that stays white, clean and pristine for years to come! Plus, it even works with ANY wet or dry erase marker so you’ll never have to worry about which marker to use.
  • The Perfect Size – This 2×3 foot jumbo sized dry erase calendar is just the right fit for any room.  It has large blank undated boxes so that you can easily keep track of all your daily tasks, due dates, events, and appointments from across the room.
  • Looks Great in Any Room – It’s simple but elegant design blends beautifully with any decor. Making for a great addition to your home, office, dorm, or even classroom.
  • Protective Tube Packaging – We baby this large wall planner so that it arrives to you in MINT CONDITION. First, we carefully INSPECT then ROLL each dry erase calendar before placing it into its protective tube packaging. All you have to do is pull it from the tube, lay it out flat for a few hours and then use the INCLUDED accessories to mount it as precisely as you’d like.
  • Bonus Accessories – To get you started we have included 3 long-lasting dry-erase markers, 1 eraser, plus a set of adhesive stickers, tacks, and a grommet on each corner so that you can choose how to hang your calendar.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We guarantee you’ll love this dry erase calendar set or else we’ll provide you with a full, prompt, hassle-free refund. We provide A+ customer service every step of the way so don’t hesitate any longer simply “Add to Cart” now and expect total organizational elation!

Plus, each Monthly Calendar Planner has a section for:

  • Monthly Goals to help you stay focused on your priorities
  • Next Month’s events to help make planning ahead easier
  • Blank Notes for any other thoughts you want to keep track of
  • Plus, Large Undated Boxes so that you can reuse Every Month, Any Year

Still have a question? Check out our Most Frequently Asked Questions to get your answer!

Purposefully-designed, Premium Quality, Organizational Bliss

Dry Erase Calendar w Model Writing
Dry Erase Wall Calendar


OrganizedCo is a small family company run by me and my Fiancée. Both being teachers and entrepreneurs we are always managing multiple tasks, events, due dates and assignments. Thus, we fell in love with using a dry erase wall calendar in our home and classroom to keep everything and everyone organized. It is easy to use and helps us keep track of our events all on one calendar for both to see.

However, we weren’t satisfied with the design and quality of other calendars on the market. Some wouldn’t even erase after a few weeks of ink being left on, others would leave behind stains that made it look cheap and unsightly.

Instead, we decided to design our own calendar using high-quality premium lamination. But more importantly, we wanted to design our calendar with productivity in mind. We understood that to accomplish your goals you needed to intentionally set and plan for them. Therefore, by keeping your goals in front of you each month it helps you stay focused while planning and scheduling the necessary steps to achieve them. If you want to learn more about intentional goal setting check out our ultimate 10-step goal setting process.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, professional, or just a generally busy person, stop wasting time digging through your digital calendar and to-do list every time you need fast information. Instead, get a high-quality, stain proof, easily erasable monthly wall planner that allows you to view what’s next from across the room. With its ample organizational and goal setting space you can effectively manage your schedule while staying focused on what matters most!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We guarantee you’ll geek out over this purposefully-designed, goal-driven, erasable monthly calendar planner, or simply let us know and we’ll extend a full, prompt, hassle-free refund. Go ahead, Order Yours Now, and discover how much happier life feels when you use the right tools!

Start Accomplishing More with An OrganizedCo Dry Erase Calendar!

Monthly Calendar Planner


  1. This kind of planner is essential in any high performing office.

    I was recently introduced with the kanban board concept and I can see how having the two side by side would be invaluable.

    Being organized in a way that everyone of the team can see is a major improvement for the whole team to know the direction.

    Now no one can say I didn’t know!

    Excellent idea


    1. Hi Tim, Thanks for the feedback!

      I’ve actually never heard of the Kanban board concept until now but it does look very effective. I agree it would be a perfect complement to our Monthly Calendar Planner. I’ll have to try it out.


  2. Wow this looks great, well done on such a great design.  Do you ship to UK?  Think I may have to put this down as a little extra Christmas gift to myself.  I am quite a visual person so this would be great for my small office.  I hate having to keep pulling out my planner to check things or add items.

    You wouldn’t happen to do a smaller running to-do one that I could buy for the other half? We must go through a small notebook every few months only for to do lists and it can get confusing when scoring through completed tasks and means re-writing a lot!

    Thanks for what looks like a great product, be sure to leave you a review if/when I get mine.

    1. Hi Michelle, Thank you for the kind words, we are really happy that you like the design and concept! 🙂

      Unfortunately, we do not ship the UK yet as we just started selling on Amazon.com (US marketplace only). Hopefully, with some further growth, we can expand to sell internationally. And, in regards to the to-do list, that is great that you mention it because we actually are working on a smaller weekly calendar planner as well. Hopefully to be launched by next year.

      If you have a minute make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and we will keep you updated when we begin selling internationally and on our upcoming products. Thanks again for your interest!

      Wish you all the best,

  3. My life is pretty hectic at the moment so I know for sure that I can use one of these calandars. As far as the mounting accessories are concerned, how easy is it to remove from my wall and place in another area in the event I don’t like where its at? Also, will the wall of my office get messed up when I remove the mounting system?

    1. Hi Jessie, totally understand your life being pretty hectic at the moment. I think we all feel that way with the holiday season coming up!

      In regards to the mounting system. The calendar planner comes with 3M adhesive stickers which should not do any damage to your wall when you remove it. However, they are not reusable so you would need to get new adhesives if you were to remove them. Or else, also included in the set are thumb tacks and metal corner grommets so that you can pin it to the wall securely with minimal damage. This way you could mount it and remount it whenever you’d like. Hope that helps!


  4. Thank you for your post.  Wow, what a great wall organiser! I’ve recently tried using Google shared calendar with my wife for family events/shared events but this doesn’t really capture goals.  Your’s is highly visual and really easy to use.   So I take it that with the 3M adhesive stickers that this is like double sided tape and won’t mark the walls?  So you can stick on any wall then right?Just better check these details before getting it.  Thank you

    1. Hi John, thanks for the positive feedback, we really appreciate that!

      Yes, you are correct about the 3M adhesive stickers, they should not do any damage to your wall and can be stuck on most surfaces. However, just to be clear they can only be used once and if you remove it you would need to get another set of adhesives to stick again. However, we also include thumb tacks and metal corner grommets so that you can pin it to the wall securely with minimal damage. This way you could mount it and remount it whenever you’d like. Hope that helps!


  5. This dry erase planner looks very comprehensive and easy to use. This well thought out planner can be used for years to come. Plus the box space is big enough to write more details. I love how simple and user friendly it looks that I would love to have one to organize myself.

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I’m happy to hear that you like the concept and design! If you’re interested you can check it out (on special right now) on Amazon.com.


  6. Planning and implementation will definitely be easier with the help of this Dry erase wall calendar.

    As a working mother, I multi-task a lot and most times I get overwhelmed, activities clash or I totally forget some. I try to rely on my phone sometimes but only works when the alarm rings, I may not have enough time to prepare. I’ve never had a wall calendar planner, maybe I’ll start with this. Seeing the calendar everyday as I move around will be a more effective reminder.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂 Also, being a huge multi-tasker, I can say that keeping a dry erase calendar near my desk has helped me big time in 1) staying organized, 2) keeping track of my progress 3) it gives me peace of mind knowing I have everything noted on 1 single calendar.

      Hope it could help you out similarly!


  7. I think this planner would be good for my business, I might purchase a copy, thanks for the info.

    I like that it has protective tube packaging to protect it from getting damaged i am worried about that sort of stuff.

    I also like the fact it has a guarantee this re-assures me it is a secure purchase.

    I like the large updated boxes i need large boxes to put all my information in, thanks.

  8. This is great for my things to do. I’ve always write to do list on my computer notes. Sometimes having to flip the screen is really too much work for me. This whiteboard monthly calendar planner came at the right time. At least I don’t have to draw the boxes myself which is so tedious. Does this ship to Asia countries? 

    1. Hi Florence, thanks for the feedback! 🙂 I agree about using computer notes, sometimes it’s convenient sometimes not. I believe using a dual system is probably the best way to organize your schedule.

      And in regards to shipping to Asia, we, unfortunately, are only selling on Amazon.com (US marketplace only) for now. But we hope to expand internationally soon. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, we’ll keep you updated when we do. Thanks again for your interest!


  9. Great post and good info. 

    We were actually looking for this one a few weeks ago, unfortunately we already bought one, but it looks like this one actually. 

    I will compare it and see where the difference is, but what I can say is that these ones are very good and everybody needs it. 

    Thanks for sharing it. 

    1. Thank you! That’s too bad you already got one but no problem maybe next time! Our two key distinctions are the design/layout of the calendar and the quality of the lamination. If you ever decide you need another, now you know where to look! 😉


  10. Thank you for the post about The Dry Erase Wall Calendar Monthly Planner.  I love that it has the necessary accessories.  This will do great in my home because of the large spaces for daily notes.  We always have wall calendars but nothing as useful as this one.

    Thank you also for the link for purchasing the calendar.

    Happy holidays!

  11. What a great product that everyone can use for business or personal. Every job I can remember has had a large wall calender, now with the dry erase it will just make it better. I am fairly new at this and I love your use of Amazon which I still haven’t figured out. Your webpage layout is very professional looking, so keep up the good work.

  12. Thanks for the article I enjoyed it.

    Your post came at the right time, as we all plan a lot of things and set goals in December end. 

    Planning and Goal setting plays a vital role in any business success. Being a full-time blogger and working from home, Monthly Calendar Planner will be a greater help for me. Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. 

    Looking at the features I believe this calendar is a must. Bonus Accessories and 100% Money Back Guarantee is an added advantages and will help in many people purchase decision.

    Wishing you Great Success!


  13. Nicely written! Well described and very comprehensive. I have never owned a calendar planner but I am considering getting one of these. The only issue I have is that it might be too big for my room.Does this come in a smaller size? Or do you have any other calendar planner that you can recommend that have similar attributes as this one.

    1. Thank you! That’s alright I understand, in case you want to measure it on your wall it is 2 by 3 feet (HxL). We found this is just the right size for most rooms but yes, we are planning other smaller calendar planners in the future. Be sure to check back or follow us on social media to see our latest products and promotions!


  14. This looks perfect for me! I use digital calendars and even various types of paper based calendars but nothing beats having a white board type calendar on the wall to have a constant reminder of what’s happening and also of one’s goals.

    I used to be a teacher too so maybe it comes from my teaching days – visual planners played a huge role in how I operated in classrooms.

    Thanks to for the FAQ page which answered all my questions except one, do you deliver internationally? Thanks


    1. Hi Mark, yes I agree, I use our whiteboard calendar in combination with a digital to-do list and find it to be the perfect combination.

      Unfortunately, we do not sell internationally yet but are hoping to do so soon. You can follow us here or on social media if you want to stay updated.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  15. Oh my…. I am a dry erase board junkie!  I have more dry erase boards than I prefer to count.   I do much of my planning and organizing on dry erase boards.   Thank you for introducing us to this one.  My current dry erase board calendar is much smaller.    I really like the large size of this one.   The section for monthly goals, notes and next month – makes this dry erase monthly calendar planner more useful than my smaller one.   

    Until I saw the picture of the dry erase board calendar on the green wall, I had never considered the possibility that a dry erase board could actually be an attractive addition to my office or any other room.    That picture alone made visiting your website worthwhile.   Thanks!  

  16. As soon as I saw the photos of the calendar, I knew this is what I need and have needed for years.  Unfortunately usually my wall space at school or in my office was so limited or shared with others that I couldn’t get away with having one.  Now I work from home and it is possible.  I have the space and it is all mine.  I love to be able in a quick glance, that is always available, just what is in store for the upcoming time frame.

    I checked at Amazon and at $24.99 , I can’t pass it up.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Joe, thanks for the feedback and for the purchase! I’m happy you love the idea of having a dry erase calendar in your home office. I have no doubt it will help you better manage and organize your schedule. 🙂

      All the best,

  17. Hi; your Dry Eraser wall Calender is Amazing. I looked at your design on the wall, Although I had not seen one before. It shows a lot of profissionalism. Having one like this you cannot miss out on any date.

     The Dry Wall Erasable Calender is good! Each month you can erase the previous month and start putting in your dates and events. Once you enter through the door, your needed information is before your eyes. 

    You two got to be teachers by proffission to come up with something as useful and helpful as the Dry Wall  Eraceable Calender. Do keep up the good work


    1. Thanks DorcasW! We really appreciate your positive feedback and love that you totally get the concept. You’re exactly right, it is so nice to be able to have an erasable and reusable calendar right next to your desk so that you can easily manage your schedule adding or removing as you need.

      Wish you all the best,

  18. Hello there. Loved reading your article. Your Monthly Calendar Planner looks really nice. I think I would find it useful. I think I will probably find it most useful for my blog. My posts are usually scheduled and I always apply and use goals as a way of motivating myself. 

    This calendar contains this option as well. Having your goals above your head can greatly improve your monthly performance.

    Thank you. I will buy one right now.


    1. Thank you Strahinja, we really appreciate your purchase! I’m happy you see the value in having your goals kept right in front of you. And I love your idea of keeping track of your blog post schedule and setting goals around it. We use it similarly for our business.

      Hope you enjoy! 🙂


  19. I’ve seen the dry erase wall calendars and I think they are so cool!

    Being organized has never been a strong point for me and this wall calendar would sure help me.

    With building an online business I need all the help I can get with achieving my goals, being organized, and optimizing and controlling my time.By having the ability to have and use the dry erase wall calendar, I can have everything written down and right in front of me on my wall.

    This is going to make a huge difference in meeting my goals.How long do the calendars last? Do they wear out at all?

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for your feedback and interest in the product. We definitely believe in the power of keeping your goals in front of you and then managing your schedule around it. I really think this can help you in your business as it has with ours.

      In regards to the duration, we use a premium lamination that lasts years and does not wear out. It is essentially a whiteboard poster sheet that if maintained regularly, meaning you clean it at least once a month, it should have no problems at all with stains or wear and tear.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions, otherwise, hope you enjoy! 👍

  20. Yes your planner looks very good. I identify with the lady who has to rewrite her notes in notebooks.  If it is done on a planner it is there for all to see, but you do not lose your notes or have to scramble through plenty of notepaper to find your lists.

    Looking forward to when you can ship to England…

  21. This planner is essential for everyone. Organizers are important in daily life. My daughter uses one with magnet on the fridge, but she needs a place to put the magnet. She is a teacher and I know she will be interesting in one of those planners. I am sending her your post for her to buy, maybe more than one, it could be a good gift in these days. 

    1. Thanks Maria, we really appreciate you sharing with your daughter! Many of our customers are teachers too and they love it, especially since they are already used to using whiteboards on a regular basis. This in addition to having many assignments, due-dates, and events to keep track of makes this calendar planner a great gift idea for teachers! 👍

      Happy Holidays,

  22. Being organized is definitely something I love but have struggled with my entire life.  I actually like moving because it causes me to totally organize my whole house into boxes.  Keeping a calendar is an important step in organizing and keeping track of things, and so we have a wall calendar that we keep in the hallway for the entire family.  With five of us, it’s an absolute necessity. 

    I know exactly what you mean about the dry-erase material that still shows the smudge from the previous entries, or doesn’t really work that well.  The construction of most of the calendars is so cheap, too, that the frame falls off and the thing is like hanging on the wall all crooked.   I can’t stand it, but I always just thought it was part of having a dry-erase wall calendar, lol.

    I am so glad I came upon your site in looking for ways to be more organized.  We need to get a new calendar, so I’m going to grab one here.  Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you! Glad you love the concept and are interested in our calendar. I can only imagine with 5 of you that a dry erase wall calendar would be absolutely essential for organizing all your schedules in one place. Haha and no rest assured that our dry-erase material is high-quality poster lamination, this way it wipes cleans and pristine every month.

      Hope you and your family enjoy. Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions.

      All the best,

  23. Wow this board looks great. It would be perfect for creating plans throughout the month. You can add high priority tasks early on in the calendar. This would greatly help in keep track of tasks. This is beneficial because it’s tangible and it’s on the wall, that’s what I really like. I might think about getting this over the holiday. Thanks!

    1. Hey there, thanks for your interest. I totally agree, keeping your high priority tasks in front of you and then tracking your progress makes a huge difference in personal productivity. But just to be clear, it is a whiteboard laminated poster sheet not an actual board. This makes it much easier to ship and to move around your house if needed.

      Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any further questions!


  24. Love the look and size  of your Monthly Calendar Planner and the monthly goals section and I totally agree that having your goals in front of you makes great sense. I do use one but mine is looking very tired. Just wondering if you ship to Canada ? I will bookmark your site and check back soon … Rick 

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for your interest! We are unfortunately only selling in the US at the moment but we do hope to sell in Canada and internationally soon. You can follow us here or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) if you want to stay updated!


  25. This looks really clean and straightforward for situations where you need immediate reference rather than “wait til I get to the computer” or “…maybe the 4th is open, I’ll have to check when we are off the phone so I can pull up my calendar…”.

    It will probably be particularly useful for scheduling services or production teams for small manufacturers or contractors.  Looks like there is enough room for at least two or three people/teams or customer sites in each day block.  Do any of your current customers use it that way?

    1. Hi Steve, youre exactly right it is great for keeping everything right in front of you rather than fumbling through 1 or 2 different digital calendars. In regards to its usefulness for scheduling services or production teams. I think that is a great idea especially if you write colour-coded for each person. Im actually not sure if it has been specifically used for that purpose but I dont see any reason why not. Hope you or someone else can let us know how it goes.

      All the best,

  26. So worth it! I am in charge of ordering office supplies for my company, and we spend $30+ on each jumbo single use calendar we have to buy for each manager’s office every single year. And those don’t look a tenth as nice as these. Sure, there is the upfront cost, but then we won’t ever have to buy jumbo calendars again! Yay! Thank you for this product.

    1. Hi Desa, thanks for your kind comments and positive feedback! 🙂

      Thats great that you see the value in purchasing one of our calendars for each managers office in your company. Whenever youre ready to order be sure to check out our latest business pricing on Amazon.com, I think youll be pleasantly surprised compared to the jumbo single-use calendars you are currently ordering. Please let me know if you ever have any other questions.

      Wish you all the best,

  27. Such a great wall calendar! This is what my boss needs to put into all of our offices, as I’m sure it will increase productivity, and we all know what that means, a happier boss with more work done and profits made! I love the size as it seems perfect for us and the fact that it is high quality and going to last a long time. The ones we have now aren’t even 1 year old and they’re already deteriorating. I’ll be getting some yours asap! Thanks a bunch for this great stuff.

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks for the positive feedback! I’m glad it can be of value to you and your company.

      It will most definitely help with your organization and productivity, both things that your boss will no doubt appreciate! Hope you guys enjoy!


  28. Organization is the key to success. I worked in an office for about a year.  It was not well organized and I remember the headaches. Like you say, digital organizers are not all that efficient.  I never use a digital organizer. Something like this is solid and is always in view. So you can’t forget important tasks.  These type of organizers are extremely important not only for work but also for our daily to do activities.

  29. This is quite impressive because goal setting is a very important step towards achieving success, a goalless man is an aimless man. Without goal setting , you can not be focused. 

    Dry erase wall calendar is a right step in the right direction as many people wants to see their goals everyday as they move about in their homes . This will make one fix one’s mind on accomplishing those goals and be excited when they are fulfilled.

    It will also make one to be success oriented. 

    I will definitely be a regular visitor to your site to learn more about goal setting planning my schedules and achieving them.

    1. Exactly, 👍  Thanks for the comment, I’m happy you enjoy our content and realize the power of goal-setting.

      All the best,


  30. Looks like a great product. I have started using a dry erase board, but I can never find one that met my needs for adding goals. This is the exact the dry erase board I’ve been searching.  Excellent description and images, it helps to get a perspective of the size even though you have the size in the description.

    Are you planning to ship to Canada soon?



    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for the positive feedback, we really appreciate that! 🙂 

      Yes, we do hope to ship to Canada and internationally sometime in the near future but unfortunately are unable to yet. Please feel free to follow us on any of our social media channels to stay updated on our shipping status. 

      All the best,


  31. Love this!!

    I completely love the usability and flexibility of this calendar. So many ideas as to how to use it so the whole team can see one calendar at the same time.

    Great topics included in this calendar:

    Monthly Goals to help you stay focused on your prioritiesNext Month events to help make planning ahead easierBlank Notes for any other thoughts you want to keep track ofPlus, Large Undated Boxes so that you can reuse Every Month, Any Year

    Again, great job with the post and laying out the info. 

    1. Thanks Todd! I’m very happy that you love our concept and design. You are right in that there are so many ways you can use our calendar planner, it really is up to your specific needs and imagination. Hope you enjoy! 



  32. Apart from its major function of being a Monthly calendar planner it also serves as a wall design element, it adds some beauty to an office space.In todays world of somuch activities and business monthly planners are necessary for every adult either a work from home man or woman or a 9 to 5 officialwe all need this for visible scheduling and planning.

    with this one can hardly forget an activity because its right on the wall staring you in the face.

    Its a Five star product.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that you not only see the productive use of a visual scheduler and planner but also the aesthetic appeal of having our dry erase calendar in your home or office. It is a professional and fun way to organize and manage your schedule. Thanks again for your positive remarks! 

      Wish you all the best,


  33. Waoh!!!  This look amazing, I like the design and the layout, I think this is the right type I needed in my little office, do you ship to countries outside US? I also like the fact that it comes with dry markers,in case I run out of dry markers, do you have any to suggest that can show clearly on the calendar?  The money back guarantee is also a nice policy but I hope I wouldn’t be needing that.

    1. Thanks Clement, I’m happy you like our design and layout! 🙂 

      Unfortunately we do not ship internationally yet but if you follow us on any of our social media channels we will keep you posted on any shipping updates. 

      And in regards to the dry erase markers, you’ll be happy to hear that our premium lamination is ultra-versatile and should work with any wet or dry erase marker including popular brands like Expo. Hope that helps! 



  34. What a good idea not only for the office but also for the home. As I get more deeply involved in trying to make a living on-line one of these in my office space would be a great addition. But also we have a very busy home=life and lots of hospital appointments and last minute personal arrangements so one of these in the kitchen wouldn’t go un=used either.

    1. Hi Adrian, 

      I’m glad you see the versatility and usefulness of our calendar. It really does make a great organization tool for wherever you need whether that be home or office. Hope you enjoy and thanks again for the comments! 👍

      All the best, 


  35. I must say, this calendar is a vast improvement over most dry erase calendars I have seen. Besides the ample size, I particularly like the “extra” spaces at the bottom, especially the spot that allows you to note important dates/events/activities coming up in the next month. A place for general notes and specific goals is a definite bonus as well. I have never had a dry erase calendar that didn’t become stained within a month or so of use from certain color dry erase markers, and they look absolutely awful once that happens. Those of us who want to stay as organized and focused as a calendar like this allows are not the kind of people who want smudgy, discolored dry erase boards on our wall…we are much too particular for that! lol This is obviously a high-quality tool that can be used in so many settings. Kudos for creating it. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Cheri, 

      Thank you for your positive feedback and for taking the time to appreciate our design. 🙂 I totally agree with you that the quality of the lamination makes a huge difference because as you said those of us who want to keep a calendar planner in our home/office most definitely don’t want smudges and stains all over our wall. That is why we chose to use the highest-quality lamination we could get. 👍

      Thanks again and happy holidays! 


  36. Believe me or not, ive been looking for that kind od board, well in my language its called “piši briši tabla” literaly in english it Means write wipe board.
    Excellent article!
    Primoz p.

  37. I am a fan of monthly calendar planners because they help me keep organized. I have seen that when I am not using a monthly or yearly calendar planner, I end up missing very important events or not doing the right thing at the right time. I am currently using one, but it’ not no longer in good shape so I am planning to order one, thanks to your thorough review, I have bookmarked this article for quickly accessing it when I need to place the order.

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback. I’m very happy that you see the value in having one of our monthly calendar planners in your home.

      If you ever have any further questions please feel free to let me know. Otherwise hope you enjoy! 🙂



  38. Hey David,

    thanks for the great article, I found it to be very informative and interesting, I’ve learned some new things today. As far as Monthly Calendar Planner goes, I have to say after reading this article I was left very impressed by this product for numerous reasons. First of all, the build quality of Monthly Calendar Planner is really good, which is crucial aspect to me when I buy new stuff. I prioritize quality over everything, and this product certainly delivers impressive results when it comes to using high-quality materials for superb build quality, great stuff! The second reason would be the size of it- it would perfectly fit on the wall in my office near the desk where I work. I also really admire the simplistic, yet elegant & rather professional-looking design of it. Oh, and the bonus accessories is also a very nice touch & addition to the overall positive presentation of Monthly Calendar Planer. 

    Keep up the great work David 😉 

    1. Thank you! We really appreciate your kind remarks and positive feedback! 

      I’m glad you took the time to read through our product page and appreciate all the details we put into designing this calendar set. It’s great to hear that you love the quality, size, and accessories included in our package. Hope you enjoy! 

      Happy Holidays, 🙂


  39. Love it love it! We travel a lot for our businesses and plans are always changing.  We use a similar prodcut to this however it is restircted to dates/ days and makes it hard to move things from one month to another.  This is going to be our saviour.  Thanks so much and we will be purchasing for sure.


  40. A Most excellent product.  Much better than the one I use.  Mine measures 32 x 48 made out of white stiff shower board where I actually angle it back to write on easier.  Not a monthly calendar, more like a weekly planner pressing on to clear it every week before Saturday and reviewing my google calendar and posting the next week before Sunday.  We will return to buy one of yours before April when we move our operations to a travel trailer.  

    Do you manufacture your products or are they shopped out?  If they ever do stain, the best cleaner that I have found is WD-40.  

    Wow, if you are interested, you could make a yearly version framed and scrolled so you could roll it up ahead or back to confirm your progress.  

    1. Hi Rod, thank you very much for your suggestions. That sounds like a great idea. We will have to add it to our list of projects to consider. 👍

      We don’t do in-house manufacturing but we have a variety of inspections in place to make sure the quality is up to our standard. Hope that helps.

      Looking forward to your purchase, let us know if you have any further questions.

      Happy Holidays,

  41. This is not only perfect for the office, but even for home! 

    We always forget doctor and dentist’s appointments, events, deadlines for bills and so on, so I can only imagine how essential this planner can be for somebody who leads a very busy lifestyle with a gazillion things to do.

    You have just given me an idea now for Christmas and new year’s gift ideas. Those are perfect!

  42. Thank you for sharing with us this review on Monthly Calendar Planner.This dry erase planner looks very comprehensive and easy to use.

    My life needs to be organized these days and I think this calendar could help unfortunately I found it can’t be shipped to my country.

    You are such a good planner.

  43. I love it. Great design and features.  I’ve used whiteboards as work calendars in the past.  The ones I used were heavy and required sturdy fastening which left permanent holes in the wall. Also the original nice surface became stained and ugly after a relatively short time.  Importantly the price of yours is great and it comes with the needed accessories.  Thanks for a good product.  I’m getting one for my home office.

    1. Thank you very much for your purchase! That’s great that you love the product. Based on your previous experience, I have no doubt that our calendar planner will be much better suited for your needs. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  44. This is such a great organizational tool. I used to only have a dry erase whiteboard, which was fantastic, but did not offer as much organization as my procrastinating brain needs. I was not aware of the money back guarantee, not that I plan on returning it but that just lets you even try it risk free. 

    1. Hi Alisha, thank you for the positive feedback. You are correct about the money-back guarantee, we don’t think you will need it but just in case anything is different than you expected, we offer it so that we can ensure our customers are completely satisified with their purchase. Hope you give one a try and let us know what you think. 🙂

  45. What a wonderful concept with the dry erase boards I am in love with the fact that they come with stickers and grommets. Most have to be purchased separately.

    The added bonus is the fact you are a small family run company.Dry erase boards with goal driven qualities awesome job Organized Co. is ahead of most big time retailers!!

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you very much for appreciating all the little things about our product and company. I love how you can see that we are not only trying to sell a calendar but also add further value through our goal-setting design and resources. 👍

      Thanks again for your positive feedback.
      Happy holidays,

  46. These Calendars are the gateway to goal setting. This is what we really need to be able to stay focus on our goals.

    The designs of the calendar makes it really durable. really loving these calendars. 

    Most person are not able to set goals the right way because they are not able to write it down and I believe that writing down something is more powerful than just having it in your mind and that’s what this calendar allow an individual to do.

    1. Hi Micheal,

      Totally agree, there is power in writing down your goals and any intentions you may have. Keeping your schedule and goals in front of you gives you peace of mind knowing everything is organized all in one place while allowing you to focus on what matters most. Glad you love the concept too!

      All the best,

  47. Hi David,

    What an amazing product. I am obsessed with being organized and would love to get this for my family. I currently use a regular calendar and now I regret not looking into a better replacement. If I mess something up I have to cross it out and then it turns into a mess. With this my calendar will be nothing but organized. Thanks for sharing this amazing product.


    1. Thanks David for the positive feedback. It definitely is a great family planning and organization tool. I’m happy you see the value in using an erasable calendar. Hope you get a chance to try one out in the future.


  48. I LOVE your site. I am an organizer fanatic! I’m going to keep an eye out for more products from you and I have signed up for your VIP promotions club. This is a wonderful idea and I am definitely a fan! Keep up the good work and keep the goodies coming!

    1. Thanks Mike! I too am an organization fanatic and have many future ideas I hope to bring to fruition. Really appreciate that you love our site and signed up for our VIP promotions club. We will keep you posted on any updates.


  49. Love this idea because its there in your face to remind you of important appointments and remind you of goals on amonth by month basis. I have mainly bought diaries and/or note books for these tasks but never really get round to using them as I should. This is definitely a more effective way of planning and reminding.

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the positive feedback. I also have used notebooks/journals to try to keep everything organized. However, I found that it was much more convenient to have a large monthly wall planner next to my desk so that everything is always in sight and easily accessible. Hope you get a chance to try one out for yourself. 🙂


  50. This looks lime a fantastic product.  In this day and age, with digital being the de facto means of presenting so many things, it is nice to have an old fashioned in-your-face way of organizing one’s months.  I could even use it as an accountability scheduler, something I need to have where I can see it without firing up my phone…or my tablet…maybe my laptop.  

  51. Hi – thanks for sharing the details of this product. I love planners and this wall calendar is a great size, as you can take everything in for the month, with just a quick glance. Having different coloured markers is a good idea, so my boyfriend and I could each use a different one for personal events. All the best, Diane  

  52. Hi David, very good article about Dry erase wall calendar. I like this product, the design is very well and it is made from good materials. Ok, digital calendars are now pretty popular but some things are just functioning better in old way. The most I like the option to have such calendars in schools or for home business people. Is it recommendable to have some specific markers for writing on this calendar? I like your review, thanks for sharing with us.

  53. I am a college student, and it’s alway been a bummer rotating through classes along with my part time job. I am very happy to have found this because this calendar would make rotating through classes, work and my social life a lot easier for me. This is obviously well organized and I can’t wait to buy my own.

  54. I definitely need to get one of these for my studies. It looks like a splendid way to keep track of everything. I think I will have to get two of them so I can really plan things in advance. I do not want to be caught off guard when the 1st of the month rolls around. That would not be good.

    I do have a question though. Besides a calendar, what are some other things I can get to really stay on top of my goals? January is just around the corner and I want to make sure I achieve my New Year’s Resolutions.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi Alex, thanks so much for your interest in our calendar! We do have a dedicated section for next month’s events so that you can begin planning for the next month’s activities or events. This way you probably won’t need two unless you really want to stay on top of everything! 🙂 

      In regards to your question about staying on top of your goals. I highly recommend you to check out our “Ultimate 10-step Goal Setting Process“. This should help you plan and achieve your goals for 2019. Hope that helps! 

      All the best,


  55. Anyone with any type of schedule should have something like this.  traditional calendars just dont cut it anymore and really it is almost 2019 so there should be something new.

    This is a great article and its nice to see small business building a better mouse trap.

    I look forward to using your calendar and may even need one in 2 spots.


    1. Hi Dale, thanks so much for your interest! That’s great that you see the value in using a dry erase calendar and could even use one in two spots! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, otherwise, I hope you enjoy! 🙂



  56. Hello and thank you for this great product review. This is a great concept idea for an organized monthly wall planner. It really looks like it can be very helpful and functional with large spaces to fill in the information. I applaud your efforts for creating a better product and really focusing on the needs of the user.

    I could definitely use help in reminding myself of my business goals and planning out the action steps to take. I think this could be a great visual for formulating a plan of action for the upcoming month. It looks like you have a money-back guarantee which is great for customer assurance. 

    It looks like it can fit any office and really improve productivity. I like that you have a VIP club. Do you guys have a facebook page as well for your products? I would like to hear more and get to know more about what you have to offer. Thanks for the informative article and hope to see more products in the future.

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks so much for the positive feedback, we really appreciate that! 

      Yes we do have a Facebook page (@OrganizedCo). Feel free to follow us on there, we will do our best to keep you posted on all our latest goal setting products and resources! 

      Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  57. Dry erase calendars are a wonderful idea to purchase. I have a smaller one now and I use it literally everyday. I use it more than I use the calendar in my phone, isnt that something? 

    They’re so easy to use and you can’t help but look at it everyday the moment you wake up, it’s where all your information for the month is. I have been considering a larger board, mine is about half this size, and I constantly run out of room for dates.

    1. Hi Ty, thanks for your interest in our dry erase calendar! I agree, it is a little counter intuitive that having a calendar next to your desk is of more value than on your phone. But I have found that I don’t check my digital calendar nearly as much as i should whereas having a dry erase calendar next to my desk constantly reminds me of my schedule, goals, and daily progress. Thereby, allowing me to feel at ease knowing everything is organized beside me. Hope you enjoy if you decide to upgrade 🙂



  58. Well these looks like a must have for the organization. That needs  to do  is planning 30 days before they can be used  by teaching  falcuty and it will work well for them coz they need a time table which is fixed  all the best with good work you are doing it is a great website well organized and beutifully organized  


  59. This is a great calendar! The size is perfect as I can see it from across the room rather than having to stand over it, The notes section makes it easy to highlight important notes without having to squeeze them into a little box. I also love the next month list as I don’t have to turn the calendar or look at the back near the end of the month to see whats coming up. I don’t think you will be needing a 100% money back guarantee as this is the best dry erase calendar I have found.


    1. Thanks Dennis! That’s great that you love the design, quality, and layout of our calendar! 👍 I hope you continue to enjoy and have a great 2019! 



  60. This wall planner is a plus for everyone that want to keep their goals and to-do list up always visible to stay on top of their game. I’m a new entrepreneur and this is something that I need. I’m a visual person and using my phone to keep my goals as a reminder are not the best option. It is awesome that this is your own product. It looks great and comes with the essentials. I also recommend check the 10 step goal settings. A gem. 

    1. Thanks Alvaro! Yes, I agree as an entrepreneur myself I have found this calendar to be super useful in keeping my work, personal, and family life all organized. I still use my phone for my daily to-do lists but everything else goes on the calendar. I especially like having my goals in front of me so that I can be reminded of them and can easily track daily/weekly milestones. Hope this helps you out similarily! 🙂

      Glad you found the 10-step goal setting process to be of value too.



  61. Hello,The calendar you describe in your article is very relevant for the office or department. Great for my household as well, my family of 4, two teens and a husband. My husband is a Medical Sales Rep and have business trips and meetings all the time. My two teens who are very much involved in sports, school events, other activities, medical and dentist appointments.

    The Monthly Calendar Planner if placed in a community area of our home would definitely help with better planning, help with knowing what event is next, and allow us to be better prepared for upcoming events and appointments. I can appreciate the large boxes on the calendar, it would allow us to write and display several things that may be scheduled or need to be done on the same day.

    So many things we can accomplish with the calendar. My household definitely needs one!

    Thanks for bringing the multipurpose Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Planner!


    1. Hi Dwilli, Thanks so much for your positive feedback! I really appreciate how you described how useful/versatile this can be for your whole family.  It sounds like your household has a lot going on and really could benefit from using our monthly calendar planner. We’d love to hear back from you in a couple months to see how it goes. Hope you enjoy! 

      All the best,


  62. This makes a great organizational tool for the family. You can put it on the wall and everyone can see upcoming appointments, games and birthdays, etc. Everybody is in the digital age and has calendars on their phone or computer but it’s a little difficult to get everyone sync’d. But having this on the wall where every one can see it every day is good idea. 

    1. Thanks Derek, I’m glad you like the concept of our dry erase calendar. I agree, although digital calendars and to-do lists have their place, there is simply no better way to keep the whole family organized than having one common wall calendar for all to see. Hope you enjoy! 



  63. Hi this is a great review of a very useful accessory. I know I could use one like this and I will check out this product in more detail as I’m sure it would help me be a little more organised.  Do they do smaller versions for young kids as I would like to get one for my son who is at school? Thanks again, Kenny

    1. Hi Kenny, thanks for your interest and positive feedback! We are actually the company that designs and sells these calendars. So, after careful consideration we decided that a smaller size would make it difficult to write multiple items in each date box. Thus, we believe this is the perfect size for any room. 

      However, we do hope in the future to produce a smaller desk calendar version. So if you are still interested be sure to follow us on any of our social media channels and we’ll keep you posted with our upcoming products. 



  64. With a wife and four kids it’s always a challenge to stay organized with everything going on.  This looks like a perfect option to stay organized and everyone in the family can see the master calendar!

    I will definitely be getting a couple of these and some dry erase markers on amazon through your link.  Do you have any recommendations on having the dry erase stay attached to calendar so they don’t get lost?

    1. Hi Barry, I’m very happy to hear that you love our dry erase calendar concept. A “master calendar” for the family is a great way to put it. 👍 

      At the moment, we don’t offer a dry erase marker holder, but we are looking into it. For now though, I would recommend to do a quick search on Amazon for “dry erase marker holder” and there are plenty of options that you can choose from for whatever would be most suitable for you and your family. Hope that helps! 

      All the best,


  65. Hi incredibly good niche here, very specific. From what I see in the comment section of your website it is very well received, people seem to really like your product, you should do well. I wonder though if there is a ceiling to what you can promote, seems like there really aren’t many product to promote in this niche. But I could be wrong, I don’t know much about whiteboard calendars, I suppose there are probably other types of whiteboards that are not calendars and have organizational features. Anyway keep up the good work and have fun.

    1. Hi James, thanks for your concern. Rest assured that we have other calendar projects we are working on, in addition, to further goal setting resources. Thus, we believe we still have many ways to grow within our niche and hope to serve this market as best as we can. Nonetheless, thanks for your feedback.

      All the best,


  66. A wall calendar is practically an essential in a home with teenagers! It’s a lot easier to write something on the calendar right away than to try to remember to tell everyone what’s going on.

    I really like the place on the calendar for monthly goals. That’s an important thing that is missing from most calendars, but is very helpful for being both organized and productive. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Danette, I’m glad you love the idea and can see the value in using it in your home for keeping everyone on the same page. Thanks again for appreciating our design and layout. 🙂

      Wish you all the best,


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